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SAP HANA S4 Global Implementation Template

SAP HANA S4 Global Implementation Template


This multinational conglomerate was operating in an evolving market. The company recognized that they needed to move aggressively to a recurring revenue model for their business. The company recognized they were unable to effect this change economically . Their subsidiaries were operating both SAP and non-SAP Systems. They had to contend with multiple countries and languages. Leadership wanted to integrate all business units into a global template. The goal was SAP-based business processes as the standard solution. However, allowing for localizations where required. They wanted to leverage economies of scale by leveraging business process sharing. They were uncertain how closely the processes matched across lines of business. There was concern that their ability to deliver global financials would be severely constrained. Without a global template design as the basis of operations they knew they would be successful. Ultimately, without this $10MM+ investment their ability to transform and grow would be limited.


The company’s three major regions were Asia, Europe, and the US. The US program was first out of the gate to define the template solutions. Together Ketch and the client defined multiple approaches for moving the company onto a global template. A risk and benefit analysis was completed on each option. Country specific considerations were incorporated into the analysis. The result was a roadmap to one global template of SAP HANA S4. Ketch Building Block Methods provided the path to harmonize the business processes. Commonality between the companies was captured while still allowing for localization. During Ketch’s BPA (Best Practice Alignment) phase we demonstrated in system processes. This drove toward commonality, eliminated redundancy and defined gaps. Gaps for local, regulatory and global defined scope for the project. Furthermore, cornerstones of the solution included:

  • configurable recurring revenue services
  • a flexible contract model that would scale as large as the client desired
  • a modern user experience leveraging SAP Fiori
  • Open Source web apps


Ketch developed our Building Block Methods 10 years ago. We had been practicing our approach for 2 years before SAP released SAP Activate. SAP Activate follows similar rapid prototyping processes. Our initial phase is called Best Practice Alignment. In it, we show the future state processes in a demonstration system using client data. This requires some basic knowledge of the client’s business. We show without trying to recreate the highly customized solution they currently use. Subject matter experts from each line of business were present. They validated alignment to the common global template processes. They also identified any localization required. The result was a nearly complete process design for a multi-national company in just sixteen weeks.

Ketch then moved into the Realization phase where all gaps were resolved, designed, built and tested. The most comprehensive solution leveraged SAP Variant Configuration. We leveraged the SAP HANA quantity contract. The result was a flexible, scalable platform for numerous business models. An unexpected challenge was the level of business engagement during realization. We found that identifying decision makers and getting them engaged was challenging. This caused numerous delays in finalizing solutions to align to all decision makers. Program leadership made the shift and provided dedicated business team members. This increased project momentum, decision making and solution design resolution. We held a periodic checkpoint with International counterparts to validate template process designs. These design review sessions ensured we delivered solutions that could be leveraged globally.

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