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  • Ketch Partners Services


  • Deep industry experience in operations that facilitates SAP HANA project success.
  • Proprietary project methods and tools that increase visibility and awareness. Our approach reduces risk by driving deliverables to every aspect of the program from organizational change to technical and functional unit testing.
  • Strong global template projectexperience across every continent leveraging common processes and benefiting from economic **consolidations**: system and business support; shared services; common learning.
  • Collaborative approach to client relationships reduces costs: uncommon agility to work with client teams; use waterfall and agile methods simultaneously.
  • Deep tenure from our team averaging over 10 years in the business.

SAP Custom Development

SAP Development Services

SAP Development Services

Ketch developer network for SAP and non-SAP business applications using next generation open source technology.

  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP JAVA Applications
  • SAP Javascript and UI5
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP ABAP and Open Source

SAP Continuous Integration and Deployment

SAP DevOps

Ketch leverages modern development processes, enabling faster deployments with reduced risk.

  • Git Decentralized Version Control
  • SAP Centralized Version Control
  • Build and Deploy Automation (Jenkins, Gerrit, and Other Open Source Tools
  • Auto Code Testing and Code Reviews
  • Dependency Library Management (NPM, Yarn, Maven)

SAP Strategy and Advisory Services

Technology Consulting Services

Technology Consulting Services

Ketch Partners - extensive industry experience, decades of sucessful SAP system implementations and business process optimization.

Large network of leading SAP practitioners, specialized in industry processes, delivering the perfect solution fit.

Carve Outs, Mergers and Acquistions

Carve Outs, Mergers and Acquistions

Major organizational changes can be huge challenge for IT. Ketch global M&A experience:

  • Receiving end or the divesting side
  • Transition services agreements
  • Business continuity
  • Transitional solutions using SAP Central Finance

SAP Advisory Services

SAP Advisory Services

Ketch SAP solution and system analysis and quality reviews:

  • SAP Landscape Standards and Optimization
  • Security and Legal Compliance
  • Identify Unnecessary Customizations, Not Every Solution Requires Technology
  • Change Management
  • Application Performance Optimization

SAP HANA Digital Transformation

SAP HANA Digital Transformation

Leverage SAP next generation products with clear roadmap and transition plan:

  • Master Data Transition from Legacy Systems
  • HANA Data Services
  • SAP Cloud Foundry
  • Open Source Technology
  • Vendor Agnostic Solutions

IT Roadmap Development

IT Roadmap Development

You can rely on our business experts and IT consultants to help you develop a roadmap and digital transformation strategy aligned to your needs. Ketch reviews your business model in-depth to provide detailed advice for your IT infrastructure planning and operations.

Innovation and Technology Consultants

Innovation and Technology Consultants

Ketch finds the fastest and most efficient way to achieve your objectives. Our consultants collaborate with you to evaluate the potential options, ideal solutions, and help leveraging the latest technology trends.

SAP Implementation Services

SAP HANA Systems Integration

SAP HANA Systems Integration

25 years of experience providing SAP consulting services. Full service project implementation services.

  • SAP ECC to S4 Upgrades
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP HANA Industry Solutions
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP Business Intelligence

Ketch Partners Building Blocks and Tools

Methods and Tools

Leverage SAP and Ketch's best practice business process toolsets.

  • Ketch FISTO Methdology
  • SAP Industry Solution Best Practices
  • SAP Standard Delivered Fiori Apps
  • SAP Best Practices
  • Ketch Implementation Guides
  • Open Source Implementation Automation Tools

Solution Manager Implementation and Operations Support

SAP Solution Manager

Leverage for implementation and support of your SAP HANA projects and operations.

Solution Manager has evolved to fully support your entire SAP landscape, implementation, development management, test management, best practice alignment, process management, and operations. Version 7.2 is critical to a successful SAP HANA implementation, lowering costs and ensuring alignment to SAP implementation procedures and standards.

SAP HANA and Central Finance

SAP Central Finance

AP product that enables companies to decentralize ledgers across SAP systems (ECC and/or HANA S4).

Ketch is a leader in SAP Central Finance implementations. Ketch has developed a unique approach to combining SAP HANA S4, SAP ECC with SAP Central Finance. Using a greenfield approach to enable quick implementation of new business models on the latest SAP technology, along side exisitng SAP systems. Proven strategy to apply innovation quickly, without risk to existing system processes.

SAP Global Templates

SAP Global Templates

Ketch implementation methodology focuses on re-use concept for faster rollouts and corporate consistency.

  • SAP Country Templates and Local Legal Requirements (IFRS and GAAP)
  • Industry Accounting and Manufacturing Standards
  • Development of Corporate Template Backbone
  • Corporate Templates to Ensure Financial Consolidations

SAP Solution Scope

SAP Solution Scope

  • SAP HANA, S4, ECC, CRM, C4C,BI - Business Intelligence
  • BPC - Business Planning and Consolidations
  • EPPM - Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management
  • IBP - Integrated Business Planning
  • SAP Industry Solutions

SAP Application Support

SAP Security Services

SAP Security Services

Today the world of IT security is ever evolving and complex to maintain compliance. Most companies have numerous systems, technologies, internal and external customer facing applications that strain even the most experienced IT departments. Ketch infrastructure and security consultants help you stay up to date and reduce risk.

SAP Data Volume Management

SAP Data Management Suite

Business growth and the intense needs for data analytics drives the need to manage complex volumes of data. Ketch leverages SAP's HANA Data Management suite platform to optimize you data availability across your landscape.

SAP Application Management Services

Application Management Services

Ketch provide on-premise or cloud based application management services:.

  • SAP S4 and Cloud Platform
  • SAP HANA Datawarehouses
  • API Management
  • AWS and Google Cloud Platform

Stabilization and Hypercare

SAP Environment

A specialist support team is always on standby to respond to your questions and problems.

  • Go live readiness.
  • Problem support team
  • Functional center of excellence
  • Remote or onsite